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Mr. & Mrs. Black America Pageant (MMBA) is unique, because it is the only marriage pageant that is a King and Queen Pageant. 

The spouse of each Queen is automatically the King of the State or National Title.  Mrs. Black America is the only Pageant that features STRONG Couples who are building their marriages, families, communities and economical status.  We promote marriages of faith that desires to build wealth through unwavering love and purpose. 

The Pageant was founded out of a need to showcase the Black/Brown Married Women and Men who are making a difference in their homes, regardless of their shade.  Oftentimes the black woman is viewed as overworked, burdened, single parent, angry and frustrated and while that may be true due to unforeseen circumstances, it doesn't represent who we really are. 

The Black/Brown Married Woman is, confident, STRONG, beautiful, educated, talented, exceptional, healthy, wealthy, purpose-driven and so we use the platform of the pageant to showcase that to the World.  We are wives that know who we are, what we do, and what we have to offer.  

The Queens of Mrs. Black America are the leading ladies and the Kings are leading men of today and we have a goal to build ourselves, our marriages, and our families, one life, one marriage, one family at a time. 

They are purpose-driven and understands that a wife is a Queen and should be treated as such and the husband is the King and should live life in that manner.

About Mr. & Mrs. Black America

Mrs. Black America

National Executive Director

Dr. Carolyn, is the FRESH, dynamic and influential VOICE that’s creating a buzz locally, nationally and internationally. She’s a Talk Show Host (, Keynote Speaker, Wealth Coach, Philanthropist and #1 International Best Selling Author of several books such as Living a Wealthy LiFE on Purpose, Focus & Get Results, The MEGA Year, Healthy Life, Pregnant with a Promise, The 10 Laws of Leadership, and much more. She's also the founder of Integrity Consulting Firm, a corporate coaching, consulting and leadership firm ( 


Dr. Carolyn along with her Family are  currently on the MEGALiFE™️ Tour ( as part of their Making Everyday Good Again (MEGA) Campaign and Get Well - Get Wealth Mission.  Make a MOVE and join the MEGALiFE™️ Movement. 


The National Team and all their families share a common vision, to live life fully everyday and to live one day at a time. 


Welcome to doing life with Dr. Carolyn, the MEGALiFE Team and the ROYAL FAMILY.

Become The Queen & King

Mrs. Black America 2019 Investment 

Investment #1 

$250 Application Fee - due Immediately

Secures Your State or Regional Title 

Get Sponsored.  Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals. Be Bold, Ask & Win Gold

Showcase your Royalty

Meet The Royal Court

2019 Queens & Kings

Mr. & Mrs. Johnson 

Mr. & Mrs. California

The Golden State 

Mr. & Mrs. Lindsay

Mr. & Mrs Florida

The Sunshine State

Mr. & Mrs.Hankins

Mr. & Mrs. Maryland

The Old Line State

Mr. & Mrs. Amos

Mr. & Mrs. Mississippi

The Magnolia State 

Mr. & Mrs. Henderson

Mr. & Mrs. New York

The Empire State 

Mr. & Mrs. Patton

Mr. & Mrs. Texas

The Lone Star State 

Become the next Mr. & Mrs.

You are Royalty!!

Investment #2 

$375 Investment - due within 30 days after approval letter of Title

Rhinestone Crystal Crown & State Sash  (Mrs.)

Scepter for (Mr.) 

(Mr. Sashes are available for Purchase)

Investment #3 

$397 due within 60 days after approval letter of Title 


Investment #4 

$475 due by September 16, 2019 


Invest in Full  


(after application fee) 

You can invest in full, after your application is approved or you can make the necessary investments by their due dates if you are choosing the payment cycle option

Please note: All investment can be sponsored! We teach strategies of how to get sponsorships along with a Sponsorship Letter. You can invest as you go, or invest in full.   

INVEST in FULL or Finance 

Instant Return on Investment

Leading Lady and Man of your State

State Sash & Crown 

International Power & Purpose of a Women Summit Registration 


Instant Return On Investment (ROI) 


Sponsorship Opportunities


Speaking Engagement


Meet & Greet


Host Unlimited Fundraisers and Revenue generating events


Use the King and Queen Titles to host events, workshops, speak for pay, volunteer


Travel throughout the State and showcase your Royalty and Platform


Host your own Coronation (Banquet) after March 23, 2019 

Married Group Coaching 


National Coronation

New Chapter of your Story

Press Releases & Media Appearances

Opportunity to create State Social Media Accounts 

Featured on the National Website (

Formal Coronation 3.23.19

MEGALiFE Experience Registration Included 

Royal National Office Service to help you succeed during and after your Reign


Organize events and share about your Platform

Appear on the Dr. Carolyn Show

Sponsorship Letter Template

Press Release Template

Strategies to Grow Your Brand

Plus more...


Wednesday October 16, 2019 - Sunday October 20, 2019 

40% interview

(closed door - with judges)

20% evening gown

Must touch the ground and can be any color, any style that showcase you!

10% on stage chat

Answering a question on stage


15% Project completion

Community event showcasing your platform (more information will be shared about this) 

15% Fashion Attire

Something from your closet that represents you or your State


  • Represent the United States of America as Mr. & Mrs.  Black America 2019 

  • Rhinestone Crystal National Sash (Queen)

  • Rhinestone Crystal National Crown (Queen)

  • National Stole (King)

  • 3 Days - 2 Nights at Orange Lake Resort & Country Club Location

  • $595 Towards Book Publishing

  • Appearance on the Dr. Carolyn Show

  • Cash Award 

  • Designer Earrings

  • Designer Jewelry

  • 6 Months Marriage Coaching 

  • Designer Handbag

  • Designer Watch (His & Hers) 

  • Designer Luggage

  • Velvet Crown Holder plus more...

Prizes being added daily & are subject to change ​

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