MMBA Pageant is a premiere one-of-a-kind pageant that sets itself apart from all other pageants, as it's uniquely designed to showcase Royalty, Excellency, Leadership and Poise within our Black/Brown Homes and Communities. 

Oftentimes the Black/Brown family is portrayed negatively in our society and especially in the media. Therefore we wanted to make a difference, shift the perspectives and re-build the foundation of the Black/Brown Family. Therefore the Pageant highlights  the Black/Brown Women, Men, Youth and Children, who are making a difference.

Current Families who have a State or Regional Title that have children can apply for Miss and Mister Titles in several categories. 

Miss (19-27) Mister 

Teen (16-18)

Jr. Teen (13-15)

Preteen (10-12)

Jr. Preteen (7-9)

Jr. (2-6) 

Our young people are pioneering with their parents by building Strong Families, Strong Communities, and a Strong Economy. They are Virtuous, Chaste, Kingdom, Royal, and are leaders in their own sphere of influence.  They are trendsetters!

Junior Miss & Junior Mister  

State Princesses

Princess Reyna Hankins

Miss Maryland Teen 

The Old Line State

Princess Talia Hankins

Miss Maryland Jr. Teen 

The Old Line State 

Gallery of Miss & Mister 

Become The State Miss or Mister

Miss & Mister 


$100 Application Fee - due Immediately

Secures Your State or Regional or Ambassador Title 

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This is a State Title Only. It is for the child/children of current contestants or ambassadors in the pageant, or the mentees as well as any young person that would like to share his or her platform as leaders in their states.



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 Sash and Crown 

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Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals



Investment # 2


Stole & Silver Scepter 

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Friends and Families love helping to achieve your dreams and Goals

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Leading Young Lady & Young Man of your State

State Sash & Crown 

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Speaking Engagement


Meet & Greet


Host Unlimited Fundraisers and Revenue generating events


Use the Title to host events, workshops, speak for pay, volunteer


Travel throughout the State and showcase your Royalty and Platform

Press Opportunities and Media Showcase

Opportunity to create State Social Media Accounts 

Featured on the National Website (www.mrsblackamerica.com)

Formal Coronation (experience)

Royal National Office Service to help you succeed during and after your Reign


Organize events and share about your Platform

Sponsorship Letter Template

Press Release Template

Strategies to Expand Your Reign

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