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Ms. Black America Division is a premiere one-of-a-kind pageant for the distinguished Woman who is engaged, single, waiting, or preparing for her King. She's well equipped and is ready to build a strong and healthy life, which in turn produces strong families, communities and economy.  We celebrate the engaged, single, and classy woman that is royal, has a strong faith and desires to build her life through unwavering love and purpose. 

The Pageant was founded out of a need to showcase the Black/Brown Women and Men who are making a difference in their homes, regardless of their shade.  Oftentimes the black woman is viewed as overworked, burdened, single parent, angry and frustrated and while that may be true due to unforeseen circumstances, this pageant will showcase the paradigm of women who are pioneering and building her legacy. 

The Ms. Black America State and/or Regional Ambassadors are confident, STRONG, beautiful, educated, talented, exceptional, healthy, wealthy, purpose-driven and are ready to shine and Soar.  Ms. Black America State Ambassadors are exceptional and stand out amongst the crowd. 

Ms. Black America Ambassadors are leading ladies and their future Kings are leading men who are already building making a difference in their communities. 

She is at least twenty eight (28) years of age and less than sixty (60) years of age. 

Ms. Black America

Ms. Black America, Sr. 

Ms. Andrea Buckhamjack

Ms. California

The Golden State

Ms. Nekia Foxx

Ms. Florida 

The Sunshine State

Ms. Black America 2019 State Highness' 

Ms. Keisa Campbell 

Ms. Georgia

The Peach State 

Ms. Illinois  

Ms. Genesis Hall 

The Prairie State

Ms. Laneice McGee

Ms. Wisconsin

The Badger State

Ms. Wisconsin, Sr.  

Ms. Renee Gordon  

The Badger State

Become The State Highness

Apply for a City, State or Regional Title Mr & Mrs (Age 18-59) Mr & Mrs. (Senior) Age 60 and above

Ms. Black America or Ms. Black America, Sr., 2019 Application Fee

$300 Application Fee - due Immediately

Secures Your State or Regional Title 

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Gallery of Ms. Black America